From Adam and Eve to the Present

From Adam and Eve to the Present Aug 21,2012

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5 Responses to From Adam and Eve to the Present

  1. quarkboojum says:

    where did you get the quote on the bottom of the front page from? is it celtic origin? Is there a general DNA Bank somewhere? e.g. in Cinncinnati, Ohio?
    by the way, are any of the rfid repellent covers (aka Faraday Cage) effective in blocking signals to/from the latest canadian microchipped passport? (I was at your Sunday 8 Dec. presentation to P
    SM, you signed some books for me).

    • pmredmond says:

      The Carmina Gadelica is the most comprehensive collection of poems and prayers from the Gaelic tradition of oral poetry. Gathered by Alexander Carmichael. You can download it from various websites, such as
      There are a number of groups that collect and manage DNA. In fact it is beoming very popular in society. Among these is Biological and Environmental Research Information system (BERIS), formerly the Genome Management Information System (GMIS) in Oak Ridge, TN. The National Geographic Society, are two others.
      Some devices, such as the Faraday Cage, block RF, LF and HF signals. Check a site such as for more details. I have not found details on the type of chip used in the Canadian passport, but presume devices such as the Faraday Cage would block it. A lead covering would as well.
      Than k you for attending the presentation. I hope you enjoyed it.

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